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Personal Training Rutherglen
Hayden - Manager | Personal Trainer

‘Just Keep Moving’ are simple three words I find myself thinking when I am pushing my body to the limit. This phrase can be used by anybody to get the 100% out of themselves; whether it be in the context of running to fatigue or whether you’re about to sit on the couch rather than exercise.

We all have particular activities we enjoy doing. I have a love for competition and strive to be the best at what I’m doing or endeavor to better myself. My role as a personal trainer is to find what you love doing and harness this passion and motivation to fast-track and control your performance to ultimately complete your fitness goals.

Whether you’re taking that first step towards becoming a better you or pushing your body to the limit, remember those three words; ‘Just keep Moving’

Jamie - Owner | Professional Trainer | Massage Therapist

Motivation is Temporary, Commitment is Permanent.” We can all train and eat well when our motivation levels are high and we are feeling good about life. It is when we are not feeling great that our motivation dips and it can become hard to stay focused on our goals. This is when our commitment to a lifestyle of health and fitness is tested. If we are fully committed we need to find a way to stay on track. Your body and your mental health are your most important assets so do whatever it takes to look after them. Find an activity that you enjoy and stick with it. This may be running, walking, swimming, bike riding, lifting weights, boxing, tennis, cricket, hockey, yoga, golf or lawn bowls. Do it regularly and get out and enjoy life.

chelsea - Personal Trainer | Massage therapist at the hub
Hi, I’m Chelsea, I’ve had a passion for health and fitness for a while now so I’ve decided to start my personal training course this year!
I am also a Remedial Massage Therapist at hc health hub which I love doing. I’m so lucky to have incredible jobs where I get to help as many people as possible.
I love keeping fit and active, going to the gym and taking my dog for lots of walks! I’m here to push you to get the best results, whilst also having fun!
Looking forward to meeting you all!
jasmine - Personal Trainer

Hello health culture members and visitors! I moved to Corowa from Albury in 2018 with my family. I am a mother, a partner and absolute gym junkie with a passion for what I do! While I love helping all kinds of people reach their individual goals, the thing I am most passionate about is empowering women through strength training. I feel it is an absolute privilege to be a part of a journey that can be a very vulnerable time for most. Health and fitness to me is a jounrye not a destination. Not only reshpaing your body but also reshaping your mindset, building your confidence, discovering your self-worth and showing what YOU are really capgable of physically and mentally. So here’s to strong women (and men)! May we know them, may we ben them and may we raise them.  I look forward to meeting you all in the gym!


Yoga classes corowa
Heather - Yoga Instructor

Heather is a Graduate and full teaching member of the International Yoga Teacher’s Association.

I aim to make Yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of body type, strength or flexibilty, or prior knowledge.

My Yoga journey began in 2000 when I first attended a class to improve joint mobility, as I have strong family history of Osteo Arthritis. Yoga soon became incorporated into my week, with the benefits extending beyond class and into daily life. As a means of expanding my own knowledge of Yoga I completed a Diploma in Yoga Teaching with the International Yoga Teacher’s Assocaition in 2014, and from there commenced teaching.

The style of Hatha Yoga I teach is based on postural alignment, building both strength and flexibilty. By linking the movement of body to the movement of the breath a greater awareness of both mind and body develops. My classes incorporate postres, breathing techniques (Pranayama), relaxation and meditation.

I believe in health and discipline can be buit through Yoga.


Rebecca Moore PT
REBECCA - Personal Trainer | Nutritionist at the hub

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am a personal trainer at health culture. I’m also clinical nutritionist at hc helath hub and I’m excited about helping, encouraging, supporting and learning about YOU, our clients so I can  provide the best possible outcome for your health and wellbeing.

I love exercise and keeping active, my favourite sport is stand up paddle boarding.  We are so lucky where we live on the beautiful Murray River to enjoy this. 

I enjoy working at health culture because it’s a very friendly, down to earth gym and I love the social aspect too. I’m looking forward to helping people enhance their lifestyle with the addition of nutrition and wellbeing through exercise that’s enjoyable and fun.

I’m here as your personal cheerleader!

pt for women in corowa
Briony - Personal Trainer | Group Class Fitness Instructor

 We are given 1440 minutes each day – these minutes cannot be save like money nor rolled into the next day. Once that moment has passed we cannot get it back.

“Time is what we want most but what we use worst”.

We all want to look good and feel great, but this only comes from constant work and dedication, it comes from choices. The choice to make time for yourself, to eat to fuel your body, to push outside your boundaries and comfort zones. Your body is a reflection of your choices.

 My role as a trainer, which I love, is to challenge people to strengthen their body and mind and help achieve their goals. Whether they are small goals like running 5km non-stop or pushing limites like riding your bike from Adelaide to Melbourne in 7 days!

Tiem is precious, waste it wisely………




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