Boxing classes in Corowa
We have been running our boxing classes since 2008 with our THUMP boxing trained instructors. Our focus is on boxing for fitness and stress relief, we take techniques and training methods used in a ring and transform them into fun, safe and intense workouts for you to enjoy and get the benefits from.
Boxing for fitness continues to increase in popularity for a variety of reasons:
• Low impact on joints but high intensity workout
• Cardiovascular improvements
• Strength and endurance gains without the impact on your body
• Variety in workout
• Great stress reliever
• Thump trained instructors ensuring safe and effective technique
• Great for all fitness levels
• Come as an individual or with your friends
We are experienced at what we do and we love doing it. Our classes are suitable for all ages, fitness levels for both men and women. We have had some dedicated members take part in our classes since we first began in 2008. Their technique and fitness levels speak wonders for this style of training.
Come along and give a boxing class a try, have a little fun while you work up that sweat.

If you would like to experience the many benefits of Thump Boxing at health culture Call Us Now (02) 6033 1060