2016 in Review with Dylan Cook

Dylan Cook has been a member of hc for a fair few years now and is currently a teacher at the local primary school. It’s great to see what a positive influence he has on our kids not only in a teaching capacity but also in regards to his focus on health and fitness.

Dylan has been teasing us with some amazing photos from his trip at Christmas time so we wanted to hear more about it plus see what he might have in store for 2017.

Here are his responses:

Hc: How long have you been a part health culture gym and what is your weekly exercise routine?

I’ve been a member for a few years now since the gym was down in Sanger Street. I became involved in the gym purely because I love my fitness and the gym just provided a place with a variety of equipment. I use exercise as my relaxation in a weird way as I always feel better after it and I enjoy trying to push myself to be a better me.

Generally I work around my work. I would focus on completing weight sessions Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning with some afternoon sessions. This might include cardio involving distance running, fartlek running and sprints, bike rides and walks after tea.

My routines generally change depending on football seasons and magpie season – terrified!!

Hc: How long have you been exercising for?

I started back in high school but started getting more serious with my running and football after that.

Hc: Why did you become a part of health culture?

I became a part of health culture as it was the only gym in town and just provided a place with equipment that I wanted to use as part of my exercise programs

Hc: Can you give us a review of your year for 2016 including events you’ve been a part of and why?

In 2016 I completed a few mini Triathlons and my second half marathon as well as maintain a bit more consistency with my football.

Hc: What would you like to achieve in 2017?

Looking forward to 2017, I’ve already completed a 4 day hike in Tasmania as well as many day hikes. I would like to complete another triathlon as well as another major running event, preferably somewhere different from Melbourne Marathon.

Locally I wish to improve my own fitness more and maintain a healthy balance between work, coaching and playing football as well as down time.

Hc: Why do you continue to exercise and why is it important to you?

I find exercise relaxing in a strange way but I also enjoy pushing myself to try and continue to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Hc: Do you have any words of wisdom or advice to pass on?

Sorry no real words I just enjoy it.


Thanks for your time Dylan and we wish you all the best in reaching your goals for 2017.