A 3 Year Journey Still Going Strong

Some of you may have seen Janine Dick around the gym. We sure have and we decided we wanted to know what keeps bringing her back.

hc: How long have you been a health culture gym member?

About 3 years?

hc: Do you use any of our other services eg classes/pt?

I use the gym, attend classes, Yoga and a couple of PT sessions each week.

hc: Why did you join health culture?

To mix things up. I was mostly running and walking at home. I felt I needed to mix up what I was doing to prevent boredom. I was getting a few niggling injuries too, and felt that mixing up the routine couldn’t hurt.

hc: How often do you train at the gym?

Most days – I have Sunday’s off! I like the flexibility of being able to visit the gym when it suits me.

hc: What do you get out of your sessions?

I feel that I work harder when there are other people working out around me. There’s always an energy in the gym that I like. There is always someone to say hi to, kind of feels like a little workout family! My PT sessions push me harder than I can push myself. We laugh a lot in the group sessions. I always walk out feeling upbeat (as well as sweaty and spent!).

hc: What goal did you set when you first joined?

Probably weight loss.

hc: Have you reached that gaol, and if yes have you new ones and what are they?

I love my food too much! So I haven’t really lost weight. I now concentrate on my fitness and strength. Over the past two years I’ve built muscle and definitely improved my cardio fitness. When I started I couldn’t do a sit up, and struggled with burpees and push-ups.

hc: How important is nutrition to you in ensuring you get the most of your workout?

I eat a lot of salads & vegetables. I’ve noticed that I feel better and workout better when I’m eating well. And water, I drink lots of water.

hc: What’s your favourite piece of equipment in the gym and why?

Hmmm, when you say favourite, least painful? I use the treadmill, rower and spin bikes a lot. I also like that there is a lot of equipment to choose from, there are so many machines that it’s easy to do something different each time you work out.

hc: What would be your biggest tip to somebody who is new to the gym?

Try different things and decide what works best for you. Try a new piece of equipment. Everyone’s different and is motivated by different things. There are heaps of workout ideas on Pinterest and the trainers are always adding workout ideas/challenges to the whiteboards too. Decide on a routine that fits with the rest of your life so you can keep it up.


Thanks so much Janine for taking the time out to answer our question.

We look forward to seeing you smash out your next training session.

hc team

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