Attending Group Fitness Classes can be a good way to change up your usual workout routine. They also give you an opportunity to experience working out in a positive, fun and safe environment. The hard work of thinking up a routine or what exercises to do, is taken out of the equation for you. Put your trust in your trainers and you will reap the benefits.

Here are 5 reasons our clients love health culture group fitness classes.

Sandra Corcoran:

I enjoy attending the group classes as they provide me with a variety of healthy exercise programmes in a great environment. I recommend the classes to all ages

Age: 63

Stephen Tapsell:

I’m the happiest man and a much better second-hand bookseller since beginning a program of daily floggings at Health Culture. The girls in my classes are all very nice and put up with me being there and I always feel welcome and included. Sometimes I think I’ve died and gone to heaven, but that’s OK

Age: 57

Donna Hitchcock:

Its works off my frustration from day to day life and helps keep me sane

Age: 50

Belinda Mills

The trainers are fun, enthusiastic and encouraging and you can always push yourself that bit harder in a group class. Also each week is always completely different


Paige Milne:

My love of the fun of group classes makes it very easy to get up in the mornings. You get the best of both worlds. Not only do you get a killer workout, you also end up making great friends with other gym members and trainers who push you to your limits.

Age: 23

Hitting the gym on your own can be a real mental challenge at times but with group classes at health culture these challenges are more easily overcome. Here are some more great reasons to give group fitness a try.

  1. Motivation

From time to time it’s hard to get yourself out of bed, let alone go for a run or lift some weights.  We are all the same and at some point our motivation is just not there. That’s the beauty of group classes – it seems no matter what, knowing that there’s like-minded people going to be turning up, you will too!

  1. Accountability

Routines play a big part in our lives and we all know if we have a routine we tend to stick at it and things become second nature. Group classes are always at a set time each day. We know the instructor will show up and others will be there. Most of us don’t like letting people down, so knowing that 1 – the instructor has put effort into planning a class and 2 – your friends will be there, gives you that extra drive to ‘show up’. Plus no one likes to do burpees the next time you do show up!

  1. Fun and Fitness

When we enjoy an activity we are more likely to do more of it. Knowing you have friendly and enthusiastic Trainers there to push you that little bit harder and further can be very empowering. You can’t help but get a little buzz when you perform that extra pushup on your toes! Not only that, but the trainers are there to help keep you safe and make sure you perform every move with correct form.


With the fast pace of today’s world, it’s nice to stop and be surrounded by people, interacting with each other, high fiving and smiling. With group fitness classes you get all that and so much more. You can end up with friends for life and experiences you never thought you’d have.

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