Over 5 years ago when at a Filex convention I came across an unusual looking stick with rubber resistance bands on each end. I watched a demonstration and decided I could use this peculiar fitness tool for various clients I was training at my Gymnasium in Corowa.
When I started using the Gymstick I found it to be a very valuable piece of equipment that had numerous benefits for clients of all fitness levels. Gymstick programs help improve 7 core elements.
• Muscular Strength
• Muscular Endurance
• Core Muscle Activation
• Postural Alignment
• Balance
• Coordination
• Cardiovascular Fitness
I found that I could challenge every client in any of these areas and produce real improvements much to the delight of my customers.
I introduced the Gymstick to my fellow PT, Shelleigh Hince (now Corowa’s Gymstick Guru) and a love affair began. To say Shelleigh loved the new piece of equipment was an understatement. She became an instant wiz with the Gymstick and was so adept at using it and creating new ideas and exercises that we decided to run our very first Gymstick Group Class. 5 years on and Shelleigh (the Guru) is still whipping people of all ages and fitness levels into shape with her ever popular weekly Gymstick Group Class.
Gymstick is a fantastic fitness tool that can be adapted in both resistance strength and exercise delivery for clients of all ages and fitness level.
If you would like to try our Gymstick Group Class call us now on 02 60331060