Yoga has been a part of my life for over 15 years. It was when I experienced a back injury that I realised how important yoga was to me, as swimming and yoga were the only activities that helped me heal during this time. This was when I had my ‘lightbulb’ moment…..” I wanted to become a yoga instructor to help others”. It seemed clear to me that I wanted nothing more than to teach people what I knew and to introduce them to yoga, or to help them with injuries, or to simply show the benefits of yoga. How you can feel absolutely amazing after your practice.
Byron Yoga came along and I completed my teacher training through this amazing school. It was such a fantastic learning experience, with focus on alignment in poses and the benefits of each pose, along with meditation, mindfulness and relaxation. I teach my classes at Health Culture Fitness Centre with this in mind, and always teach with an open mind, when needed a beginners mind, encouraging my clients to listen to their body as I believe that your body knows what it needs and it will always tell you in its own way. The key is to listen.
Meditation and mindfulness are also very important aspects of my classes. We begin with a gentle relaxation at the start of the class, incorporating the flow of breath and movement. I then guide you through a gentle to stronger flow of poses (asanas). I am here to demonstrate, guide you and watch over you during your classes, encouraging you to work in your comfort zone or just outside your comfort zone but never past your limits. Being mindful and most of all enjoying your practice.We always finish with a meditation to help you relax completely, become grounded, create clarity and bring loving kindness into your life.

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