Benefits of a Program Re-Assessment

So you’ve joined the gym a few months ago (or even longer!) and you have developed a regular routine and your body has changed, however ……….. it feels a little bit like your still working hard but things have stopped changing and stayed at the same spot. You may feel like you have hit a bit of a plateau and the thing is our bodies are amazing machines that adapt to a situation very quickly.

‘If nothing changes, nothing changes’

You have found yourself at the place where it’s time to change up your exercise routine – You need a reassessment

There are many great benefits of a reassessment:

  1. Change and Variety of Exercise

Not only is it great for your body to regularly change your exercises but it also helps the mind and stopping you from getting bored with your workouts

  1. Renewed Motivation

There is nothing like a new program to get your blood pumping again and bring the mind back into the game

  1. To Challenge the Body

Muscles want to continue to grow and will adapt to a routine. If your goal is to increase your muscle mass, you need to continue to increase your weights and target all areas of your muscles

  1. Re-measure

It’s great to reflect on all aspects when it comes to results. If we solely focus on one thing, like the number on the scales, it can possibly become a ’downer’. The number on the scales may not have changed however you could be feeling better, sleeping better, clothes looser and your cm’s may be down.  Getting your measurements re-done can also prompt what areas you may like to work harder on.

  1. Check in with the Trainers

Our bodies change all the time and new injuries or pre existing ones can flair up so a reassessment is a great way to check in with the health culture trainers and re-visit any issues. Sometimes it’s just a matter of re-jigging an exercise or replacing it with a new one. You may also just want to speak to one of us to make sure your still heading the right direction

  1. Reassess your Goals

Now you’ve become fitter and healthier, your goal may have changed. By discussing where you’re at, we can help you create a new action plan to get you to where you want to be.

It can be so hard this time of year to keep your fitness and exercise going.

But just remember the team at health culture are here to help.

Come and book in today for that long overdue reassessment and make a new action plan for this winter

What have you got to lose???

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