Keep Our Kids Moving…..

As a parent it can feel as though we are up against a lot of outside influences – is it possible for us to still be and have, the biggest impact on our kids?

It all start at home

Monkey see monkey do

We can have an opportunity every day to impact our children and help them be able to make the best choices for themselves

Our children are all unique and there is something special in every single one of them

Megan Willson has what you would class as ‘a very busy boy’. This one goes into overdrive most days. This doesn’t make him dissimilar to many other 10-year-old boys and there are some activities that grab his attention much better than others – take homework for instance!

Tyler currently plays footy however with it finishing up it was time find something else to keep him moving. This is where a bit of Personal Training came into play.

HC: Why do you PT

Tyler: So, I can get stronger and better at footy

HC: Why do you like PT

Tyler: I like to run and because I have fun and I can get fitter. Briony is funny and she does boxing and running (with me)

HC: What do you do in your sessions

Tyler: I like to run. I do boxing, workout with weights and whatever else she (Briony) tells me to do

I like chin ups but never been able to do them

HC: What’s your goal

Tyler: To be fast and strong and be ruck rover in footy

HC: What makes Jason and Briony good trainers

Tyler: Jason – He is strong and he said I’m strong for my age

Briony – That she is fit and she makes me fit. She’s funny and strong, for a girl

Tyler currently does personal training once a week for 30 minutes and he loves doing it. He is a fairly active kids and will choose to head outside if he’s given the chance. Personal training has exposed him to different areas of health and fitness and is a great way for him to interact with different people

Call 02 6033 1060 or pop into our reception and have a chat with us in person if you think personal training might be right for your child too