My Marathon Experience

As it always does with these events, it started with an early morning wake up call and a cold walk to the start line. It was the third time I had participated in the Melbourne Marathon – 1st time the 10km, last year the 21km so it seemed fitting to run the 42kms this year. I believe there were about 7200 people running which was actually a nice change from the 12000 doing the half last year.

I went in pretty positive and I knew what pace I needed to roughly get the time I wanted however my main goal was to finish and pull up well after and the next day.Megan-Marathon

I had the biggest meal the night before – pizza, pasta and garlic bread.

While waiting at the start line I spoke to an older lady (65+) who was running her 11th Marathon! She offered me some great advice – take it easy for the first hour then increase your pace every hour after that. She also suggested interval training – have a quick burst of pace then back it off.

I actually had no nerves when I started running and I treated it just like any other Sunday run. I focused on each 10km block and run by my body. I actually had no idea what my pace was throughout the run except by seeing the pace runners which gives you a finishing time.

I was very fortunate to be able to run by how my body felt and I was able to increase my pace about every 10kms. By not checking a watch it actually freed me up to take in the sights of Melbourne too. I enjoyed running along Port Phillip Bay however I have grown to dislike Saint Kilda Road – it is a very long boring stretch to run down and then run back up towards the end.

I think the best moment for me was at the 34km mark. I was able to ring my sister at the start of the race and tell her about a corner not far from our accommodation that she and my kids and niece could wait on and they would be able to see me – it was pretty awesome to spot them from quite a distance away, wave all the way up, high five the kiddies and keep talking for just a little bit longer. It made me feel pretty chuffed to hear my son (7) and my big sister had a little cry of pride for me at that point too.

It is defiantly something I would do again and I feel very fortunate to be able to say I have run 42kms, loved every km of it and I could walk afterwards! Bring on the next one!!