Being a personal trainer can be one of the most rewarding jobs – a lot of the time it doesn’t even feel like work!

There’s something to be said for telling people what to do.

However, your PT is and can be so much more than that.

A PT can be a massive motivator. There is a very good chance they are into having a healthy and active lifestyle, so they can lead by example. When you connect with someone and find some great qualities that you like in a person you can’t help but look up to them. This however doesn’t mean you need to be exactly like them. We all should be aiming to be the ‘best me’. We all have our own goals, dreams and expectations in life and health and fitness. You therefore want to be able to discuss these with your PT and come up with a plan together on how to get you there.

Your PT will have skills and knowledge from their training. To become a PT, you need to complete Certificate IV in Fitness. This certificate gives your PT knowledge on the body and its anatomy, exercises and planning your sessions, and general nutrition advice. Once they get this certification, they may do further study to specialise in a particular area. It is also a requirement, to keep your skills current, that they do 20 Continuing Education Courses over 2 years. These can include little short course like boxing for example, that give your PT that little bit extra plus keeps them up to date on any changes within the fitness industry.

They want to help you. One of the biggest rewards you can get is from seeing someone make a positive change to their life. When we give things time and make slight changes within our lives, whether it is as simple as 30 minute walks each day or no more soft drink, the impact can be huge. You need to remember that it is a process and as always, anything worth doing takes hard work, dedication and self-control. Having a sounding board, like your PT, can be such a huge support.

We are human. The health and fitness industry has grown so huge over the last few years and it takes all kinds. We have strengths and weaknesses no different to you. It is definitely an industry where PT’s are judged on how they look, what they eat and even how fast or slow they are. This is most likely something that will never change, however spare a small thought for us at times if we do eat a piece of birthday cake or don’t seem quite as quick as we use to be. Despite these things, it doesn’t mean we don’t have some awesome to offer you.

We can offer variety. There are a couple of ways we can provide you with variety. Firstly we all have different personalities so chances are you will be able to find someone who you ‘mesh’ with. It definitely helps having a trainer that you have something in common with as this will also help with keeping your motivation.

The other way is with your workouts. Most of the time, each week we will have planned a new session for you that relates to your end goal. We can show you many different ways to train and different exercises. Our bodies adapt very quickly so it’s great to be able to ‘mix’ it up with a trainer so the body doesn’t get use to one thing. This also helps with our fitness improving, becoming more adaptable and our bodies changing.

So if you’re looking for a change or a new challenge come and speak to us about training with one of our instructors. We are very lucky at the moment to have a few on offer!

Call 02 6033 1060 or pop into our reception and have a chat with us in person