health culture asked one of our female trainers and 4 female gym members to give us their top tips on how they stay fit and strong in this tech savvy world. Read on to see how they look after their gorgeous selves.

Megan Willson – personal trainer, class instructor at health culture, mum and all-round fitness fanatic;

Workout tip – just move more – find something you love and do it everyday.

Food tip – Drink plenty of water and there’s no such thing as good and bad foods, it’s all about balance.

Karen Logie – group PT legend, gym member, mum, career women, and seriously strong women;

Workout Tip – Group PT, find like minded women that like to exercise, no need to be best friends. We started our Group after the first Boot Camp the gym ran and decided to continue on together, we have since become Best Friends (like sister’s Stu said) we turn up each morning at 6 twice a week because we do not want to let our trainer & the other girls down, we are competitive, encouraging, but most importantly have a lot of fun whilst training & staying in shape. Over time we have had 3 Personal Trainers, each trainer has been very different in their approach but excellent at the same time.

Food Tip – came from Stuart, stay away from Carbs and up the  Protein, which was hard because I love bread & pasta but it definitely worked for me.

Paige Milne – beautician, regular class and gym attendee and seriously fit chic;

Workout tip: Make working out a habit not a chore. Mix it up between cardio and weights.

Food tip: Research is key! Find out what you like/what is actually good for you, READ labels and try and eat as many natural foods that aren’t packaged.

Rhiannon Dunkley  – travel agent, mum, food groupie and totally digs keeping herself healthy;

Workout tip: I try and do some form of exercise every single day, even if it’s just a 45 minute walk. Do something.

I aim to do 2 days a week of weights, every other day is cardio mixed with body weight training. If I am short for time I will do a HIIT session like PT in my Pocket and do 2 of her workouts on the app from my phone.

Food tip: Stick to the outside aisles of the supermarket. I try and eat as raw as possible. Meats, vegetables and fresh fruit.

Too many additives, sugars and unnecessary chemicals found in packaged food which can be a little scary.

Judi Wallis – fitness instructor, mum, fitness guru for like ever, and holds down an office job to boot;

Workout tip: My personal experience is just to be consistent and keep challenging yourself. It doesn’t have to be a biggy like running a marathon, but can be just adding an extra  fitness day, or walking/running a little further than usual. I am also a huge advocate of including stretching as part of your fitness regime.

Food tip: My food tip is similar in theory to my exercise tip. Be consistent with your healthy food choices. Try to eat until you feel content, not full. I have found smaller, more frequent meals work for me.