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Fitness Assessment Corowa

Is it time to Reassess?

Benefits of a Program Re-Assessment So you’ve joined the gym a few months ago (or even longer!) and you have developed a regular routine and your body has changed, however ……….. it feels a little…
Work Life Balance

Life Balance

The ‘B’ Word We all struggle with balancing out life, work, school and exercise from time to time. For most of us there are a million things going on during our day and it’s hard…
Circuit Training Corowa

A Blast From The Past

From the Shed, to the Main Street, to the Old Council Building!   Health Culture has come a long way over the last 10 years. It has grown from a PT Studio in a shed,…
Diabetes in women


WOMENS HEALTH & DIABETES Meet Sammy This is her story xx ‘So I’m not very confident in writing things like this but Megan has asked me to and therefore I will. This lady has been…